More than a job…it’s an OPPORTUNITY!

team building

Hope. Health. Access.

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc., provides a collaborative environment for career professionals and those new to health care to practice and develop their skills and knowledge. We offer more than a job; we are a place to serve, learn and grow. We believe every member of our staff is a contributor to our success. Our values include respect, dignity, education, efficiency, and quality service. We foster a culture of care and communication and our staff bring a wealth of interdisciplinary expertise and cultural diversity, making us a dynamic and flexible organization.

Leading the Field

Our approach is to serve the community as a whole, through preventive and integrative quality medical, dental, behavioral, educational, and youth empowerment programs. Our network of 14 integrated service sites throughout Southern Alameda County gives us the opportunity to impact all demographics of age, family status, and socio-cultural backgrounds. We foster an environment of continuous learning and collaborate with premier organizations in the health services and education industries to continue our ongoing mission to advance community health care by training and encouraging our staff to become leaders in their field.

Personal and Professional Growth

We not only promote the health and wellbeing of our community, we empower individuals through opportunities in employment. Using key partnerships with learning institutions and educational programs, we promote the professional development of the local workforce. We provide on-the-job training, flexible work hours, and ladders of advancement in the medical, dental, and behavioral science fields. From entry level to professional positions, whatever your health care career goals may be, you will find a supportive environment at Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc.